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Figure 6 | Particle and Fibre Toxicology

Figure 6

From: Exposure of silver-nanoparticles and silver-ions to lung cells in vitro at the air-liquid interface

Figure 6

Quantitative gene expression of pro-inflammatory and oxidative stress markers. Exposed cells were harvested 4 h and 24 h after exposure and mRNA levels of pro-inflammatory markers TNF-α (grey) and IL-8 (black) as well as oxidative stress markers SOD-1 (white) and HMOX-1 (striated) were analysed by real-time RT-PCR. Fold changes of gene expression compared to unexposed untreated controls were calculated with 2-ΔΔCt. Error bars represent the SEM for at least 3 independent experiments. A two-way ANOVA with a subsequent Bonferroni post-hoc test was performed. Values were considered significantly different compared to unexposed untreated control (1) and unexposed LPS treated control (2) with p < 0.001 (***) or p < 0.0001 (****).

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