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Table 1 Grafting amount and size of SNP after different steps of synthesis: plain SNP (SNP) to amine-modified SNP (aSNP), to alkyne-modified (aaSNP) and to final PEG-coated SNP

From: Engineered silica nanoparticles act as adjuvants to enhance allergic airway disease in mice

Sample Weight Loss (%) a Grafting amount (t, mmol/g) a Grafting density (group/nm 2) a Size (nm) b
plain SNP 1.7g 1.9h 8.1h 30c
aSNP 3.6 0.63 2.7 103d
aaSNP 2.4 0.29 1.2 126e
PEG-coated SNP 3.6 0.15 0.7 90c
  1. aWeight loss, grafting amount and density were calculated for each modification step, not for total modification. b Size were measured by dynamic light scattering as mono-distribution after sonication for 30-60 min. c Size was measured in H2O. d Size was measured in dimethylformamide triethylamine (DMF-TEA) (3:1). e Size was measured in DMF. g Weight loss of water from surface of bare silica particle. h Grafting amount and density of Si-OH available for modification on the surface calculated from water loss.