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Table 2 Detailed gene expression analysis of responsive genes

From: Engineered silica nanoparticles act as adjuvants to enhance allergic airway disease in mice

Gene symbol Gene alias Gene function Saline/0 μg NP Saline/400 μg NP OVA/0 μg NP OVA/400 μg NP
Cxcl1 KC Neutrophil chemokine 1.00+/-0.05 2.80+/-0.78a 2.48+/-0.28b 6.29+/-0.38a,b
Cxcl2 MIP-2 PMN chemokine 1.00+/-0.08 2.85+/-0.75a 4.22+/-0.76b 8.77+/-0.99a,b
Cxcl10 IP10 T-cell chemokine 1.00+/-0.05 1.17+/-0.05 14.32+/-3.95b 44.84+/-4.29a,b
Ccl2 MCP-1 Monocyte and T-cell chemokine 1.00+/-0.08 1.50+/-0.28 3.66+/-0.86b 13.84+/-1.71a,b
Ccl8 MCP-2 Monocyte chemokine 1.00+/-0.08 1.56+/-0.25 15.48+/-5.22b 105.12+/-32.47a,b
Ccl11 Eotaxin Eosinophil chemokine 1.00+/-0.05 1.32+/-0.11 2.50+/-0.71 11.47+/-2.84a,b
Itln1 Itlna Pathogen-associated molecular pattern recognition 1.00+/-0.25 4.95+/-1.78a 6.14+/-0.95b 38.65+/-13.92a,b
Irg1 Irg1 Toll like receptor response 1.00+/-0.14 4.70+/-1.15a 15.45+/-4.36b 154.18+/-16.97a,b
Chi3l3 YM1 Chitinase-like protein 1.00+/-0.07 1.01+/-0.12 1.30+/-0.26 1.94+/-0.28b
Chi3l4 YM2 Chitinase-like protein 1.00+/-0.35 4.61+/-2.98 9.13+/-3.96 33.10+/-12.56b
Saa3 Saa3 Acute phase protein 1.00+/-0.09 4.51+/-1.85 65.9+/-12.7b 157.88+/-19.38a,b
Tnfα TNFα Acute phase response cytokine 1.00+/-0.12 1.69+/-0.17a 2.20+/-0.23b 3.36+/-0.30b
Il6 IL6 Acute phase response cytokine 1.00+/-0.13 -1.14+/-0.13 2.00+/-0.40b 5.60+/-0.96a,b
Il1β IL1β Acute phase response cytokine 1.00+/-0.13 1.01+/-0.05 1.26+/-0.03 1.71+/-0.13b
Il1rn IL1rn IL1 receptor antagonist 1.00+/-0.04 1.13+/-0.07 1.70+/-0.23 4.62+/-0.71a,b
Il2 IL2 Th1 cytokine 1.00+/-0.06 1.06+/-0.07 1.57+/-0.24b 1.37+/-0.09
Ifnγ IFNγ Th1 cytokine 1.00+/-0.08 -1.06+/-0.14 1.67+/-0.28b 2.31+/-0.30b
Il4 IL4 Th2 cytokine 1.00+/-0.15 1.01+/-0.12 1.40+/-0.26 3.77+/-0.77a,b
Il5 IL5 Th2 cytokine 1.00+/-0.10 -1.20+/-0.18 2.39+/-0.59 7.17+/-1.44a,b
Il13 IL13 Th2 cytokine 1.00+/-0.10 1.34+/-0.39 6.80+/-2.96b 44.23+/-12.67a,b
Retnla Fizz 1, HIMF Th2 suppressor 1.00+/-0.12 1.32+/-0.37 6.88+/-1.78b 21.90+/-3.98a,b
Il17a IL17A Th17 cytokine 1.00+/-0.16 2.52+/-0.69 8.34+/-2.32b 46.24+/-6.02a,b
Foxp3 Foxp3 T-reg transcription factor 1.00+/-0.08 1.49+/-0.18 2.08+/-0.19b 3.98+/-0.33a,b
Il10 IL10 T-reg cytokine 1.00+/-0.09 1.09+/-0.17 2.97+/-0.76b 8.22+/-2.01a,b
Muc5ac Muc5ac Mucin production 1.00+/-0.19 1.61+/-0.61 4.72+/-1.44b 25.97+/-4.70a,b
Clca3 Gob5 Ion channel, mucus secretion 1.00+/-0.39 2.52+/-1.42 6.16+/-2.26 16.72+/-3.42b
Clca2 Clca2 Ion channel, fibrosis development 1.00+/-0.12 1.40+/-0.16 3.25+/-0.78b 7.96+/-1.20a,b
Mmp12 Mmp12 Macrophage elastase 1.00+/-0.08 3.06+/-0.81 1.83+/-0.22 7.91+/-0.59
Timp1 Timp1 Mmp inhibitor 1.00+/-0.05 -1.00+/-0.10 3.73+/-0.87b 12.40+/-1.68a,b
  1. A qPCR analysis was performed on the genes that showed a ≥2 fold increase towards untreated controls in the gene array. a: Significant changes (p < 0.05) towards non-SNP exposed animals, b: significant changes towards non-OVA mice. The analysis reveals that neutrophil chemokines (Kc, Cxcl1; Mip-2, Cxcl2) and innate immune responsive genes (Tnfα; Irg1; Itln1) are significantly elevated by SNP exposure in both, SAL- and OVA-mice. A significant adjuvant SNP effect in SNP/OVA-mice was measured for Th2 cytokines (Il4; Il5; Il3) and Th17 associated genes (Il17a; Il6; Saa3). Monocyte and eosinophil chemokines (Mcp-1; Mcp-2; Eotaxin; Ip10) were further significantly increased in SNP/OVA-mice as well as other proteins which might be involved in tissue remodeling (Fizz1; Timp1). No adjuvant SNP effect was measured in Th1 cytokines (Ifnγ; Il2).