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Figure 3

From: Maternal exposure to combustion generated PM inhibits pulmonary Th1 maturation and concomitantly enhances postnatal asthma development in offspring

Figure 3

Effect of maternal MCP230 exposure on pulmonary inflammation and mucus production in offspring after induction of allergic asthma. The mouse model of asthma was established by OVA sensitization and challenge beginning at six weeks of age. (A/B) BALF was taken and cells were stained and differentiated and counted. Data were expressed as means ± SEM (n =8-10/group). *p < 0.05. Lungs of mice exposed to NS/NS, MCP230/NS, NS/OVA, or MCP230/OVA were removed, fixed, sectioned and stained with (C) H&E and (D) PAS. Scale bar = 50 μm (C) or 200 μm (D). Arrows point to inflammatory cells (C) or mucus producing cells (D).

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