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Table 1 Fold of ROS increase following incubation with Co-Fe NPs

From: Predictive Toxicology of cobalt ferrite nanoparticles: comparative in-vitro study of different cellular models using methods of knowledge discovery from data

  TK6 MDCK Caco2 A549 HepG2
Co-Fe NPs (0.9mM) * 2.43±0.56 * 1.32±0.26 * 1.76±0.15 # 1.1±0.11 # 0.99±0.16
Co-Fe NPs (0.5mM) * 1.86±0.14 1.21±0.21 #1.13±0.19 # 1.01±0.07 # 0.97±0.07
Positive control TBHP 2.22±0.48 1.46±0.24 1.62±0.09 6.28±0.3 1.75±0.21
  1. Caco2, TK6, MDCK, A549 and HepG2 cells were seeded 48 hours before experiments at concentration of 0.2-0.5x106 cells/well (6 well plate); cells were preloaded with 15 μM H2DCF-DA for 1.5 h and then exposure for 24 h with 0.5 mM & 0.9 mM Co-Fe NPs; at the end of incubation time cells were washed, trypsinized (if adherent), washed and the level of the intracellular fluorescent DCF was analyzed by flow cytometry in terms of of the ratio of the geometric mean of exposed cells that of unexposed control cells. The incubation of cells with 0.5 mM TBHP for 45 minutes served as the positive control. The results are the mean of three independent experiments ± standard deviation. * Significant differences of each point from the negative control at P<0.05; # Significant differences of each point from the positive control at P<0.05.