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Table 1 Comparison of Initial Alveolar Interstitial Burden between Bolus aspiration and inhalation of MWCNT

From: Distribution and fibrotic response following inhalation exposure to multi-walled carbon nanotubes

  Bolus aspiration Inhalation
Initial lung burden 80 ug 28.1 ug1
  64% Alveolar macrophage 58% Alveolar macrophage
Initial distribution 9% Alveolar airspace 6% Alveolar airspace
(%) 8% Alveolar Interstitium 21% Alveolar Interstitium
18% Airway 14% Airway
Macrophage & Airspace Macrophage & Airspace
~ 1% Subpleural tissue ~1% Subpleural tissue
Initial Alveolar   
Interstitial burden 6.4 ug 5.9 ug
  1. 1This inhaled lung burden in the mouse is equal to the predicted human lung burden on an equivalent alveolar surface area basis for a person performing light work at 7 ug/m3 for 13 years [3].