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Figure 9 | Particle and Fibre Toxicology

Figure 9

From: Exposure to vehicle emissions results in altered blood brain barrier permeability and expression of matrix metalloproteinases and tight junction proteins in mice

Figure 9

Protein expression of inflammatory markers iNOS and IL-1β in cerebral parenchyma from Apo E−/− mice exposed to either mixed vehicle emissions or filtered air. Expression of iNOS and IL-1β in the cerebral parenchyma of Apo E−/− mice exposed to either 100 μg PM/m3 mixed vehicle exhaust (MVE) (n = 5) or filtered air (FA) (n = 5) for 6 hr/day, for 30 days, as shown by Western blot analysis. Graph shows densitometric quantification of blots. *p < 0.050 compared to FA control.

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