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Figure 1

From: Cardiopulmonary toxicity of peat wildfire particulate matter and the predictive utility of precision cut lung slices

Figure 1

Locations of peat fires and PM sampling site in Eastern North Carolina (A) and daily mean concentrations of PM 2.5 and PM 10 collected at Virginia Beach, VA and Hyde County, NC (B). Peat-bog fires at the Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge in Eastern North Carolina started on 06/01/2008 and was 100% contained on 09/24/2008. Insert: wind rose diagram for the periods of ENCF-1 PM sampling (06/26/2008-07/11/2008) and ENCF-4 PM sampling (08/08/2008-08/19/2008) recorded at Plymouth, Elizabeth City and Virginia Beach, respectively. The wind rose diagram and PM monitoring data were obtained from the State Climate Office of North Carolina ( and the U.S. EPA Air Data (, respectively.

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