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Table 1 The size distribution characteristics of TiO 2 in air and saline

From: Equivalent titanium dioxide nanoparticle deposition by intratracheal instillation and whole body inhalation: the effect of dose rate on acute respiratory tract inflammation

Medium Concentration Size distribution
Air 33 ± 4 mg/m3 MMAD 800 nm, 1.4 GSD
CMD 900 nm, 1.8 GSD
Saline 80 μg/mL DLS z-avg 1350 nm, peak range 800–1700 nm
LDS mean 6363 nm, peak range 900–11000 nm
  1. MMAD, mass median aerodynamic diameter; CMD, count median diameter; GSD, geometric standard deviation; DLS, dynamic light scattering (intensity mode); LDS, laser diffraction spectroscopy (volume-based). DLS and LDS are representative of 3 separate runs.