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Figure 3

From: Genotoxicity of multi-walled carbon nanotubes at occupationally relevant doses

Figure 3

MWCNT-treated cell with one spindle pole. The photographs in Figure 3A-C show a monopolar mitotic spindle with one pole rather than the two poles which would be expected in a normal cell. The details of the detection protocol for the mitotic spindle components and the photography using the Zeiss Confocal are in the methods section. The tubulin in 3A was stained red using Spectrum red and indirect immunofluorescence. The DNA was detected by DAPI and was blue. The nanotubes were imaged using differential interference contrast and are black. In Figure 3B, the nanotubes can be seen in the nucleus, in association with microtubules, the DNA and the centrosome. Serial optical sections at 0.1 micron intervals using confocal microscopy confirmed the location of the nanotubes in the nuclear DNA and the tubulin including the microtubules of the mitotic spindle. Figure 3C is a high resolution TEM of a monopolar mitosis. The image was photographed at 11000× magnification.

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