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Figure 8 | Particle and Fibre Toxicology

Figure 8

From: Sub-chronic toxicity study in rats orally exposed to nanostructured silica

Figure 8

Transcriptomic analysis of livers from animals treated with SAS or NM-202 for 84 days. Heatmaps represent gene expression profiles of gene sets related to fibrosis in liver tissue samples after 84-days of exposure. The red and green colours indicate up- or down-regulation of gene expression (2 log expression ratio) for each individual rat in the treatment groups (n = 5) and in the control group (n = 4) versus the average expression of that gene in the control group. Only genes that were up- or downregulated > |1.2x| versus the average control in ≥3 out of the 5 rats were selected. The results indicate up-regulated fibrosis related gene expression in the NM-202 treated animals after 84 days of exposure. Comparison of gene expression in the individual control rats versus the average gene expression of all control rats, indicated that there was a low variation in gene expression within the control group.

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