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Figure 4 | Particle and Fibre Toxicology

Figure 4

From: The influence of hydrogen peroxide and histamine on lung permeability and translocation of iridium nanoparticles in the isolated perfused rat lung

Figure 4

Translocation of 192Ir-UFP particles (upper panel) and 99mTc-DTPA (lower panel) into perfusate of isolated perfused rat lung as a fraction of the deposited dose for inhaled particles and as fraction of the instilled dose for DTPA. Both control lungs () were used as well as lungs treated in-situ with H2O2 bolus 0.5 mM (O), histamine (1 μM) in perfusate (□) or 0,5 mM instilled into the lungs (■). A stabilisation period of 15 minutes is done before treatment and collection of samples are taken place every 15 minutes for translocation and lung markers detection. Values in the upper panel depict the mean and SD's of 3 or 4 experiments; values in the lower panel depict only the mean of 3 or 4 experiments indicating the trend.

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