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Figure 5

From: Ultrafine particles cause cytoskeletal dysfunctions in macrophages: role of intracellular calcium

Figure 5

Cell viability (PI exclusion) of J774A.1 macrophages after 4 hours of incubation without (control) and with 320 μ g UFP/ml/million under different incubation conditions. A): without serum (w/oFCS), 100 μ M Verapamil, 20 μ M BAPTA-AM and 25 μ M W-7. B): w/oFCS, with 5% serum (wFCS), 1% bovine serum albumin (BSA) or 200 μ M Nacystelin (NAL); mean +/- SD, **: p < 0.01, *: p < 0.05.

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