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Figure 4 | Particle and Fibre Toxicology

Figure 4

From: Physicochemical characteristics and bronchial epithelial cell cytotoxicity of Folpan 80 WG® and Myco 500®, two commercial forms of folpet

Figure 4

Particle size distribution of Folpan 80WG® and Myco 500® sprayed on grape vine leaves. Particles deposited on grape vine leaves were observed using a scanning electron microscope. Ten representative photographs of each sample were analyzed; the length of 715 particles from Folpan 80WG® and 592 from Myco 500® were measured using SIS Analysis® software. The size distribution was not significantly different between Folpan 80WG® and Myco 500® (p = 0.1309, Wilcoxon test).

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