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Figure 1

From: Translocation of particles and inflammatory responses after exposure to fine particles and nanoparticles in an epithelial airway model

Figure 1

Intracellular particle localisation in tripe cell co-cultures visualised by LSM. Cells at the upper side of the insert (upper row) were stained for CD14 (MDM, turquoise) and F-Actin (all cells, red); cells at the lower side (lower row) for CD86 (MDDC, turquoise) and F-Actin (all cells, red). Fluorescently labelled polystyrene particles (1 μm, and 0.078 μm) are shown in green. MDM and MDDC were filled with particles, considerably fewer particles were found in epithelial cells (Ep). All images represent xz-projections.

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