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Figure 1

From: Gold nanoparticles induce cytotoxicity in the alveolar type-II cell lines A549 and NCIH441

Figure 1

Characterization of the gold nanoparticles using scanning transmission electron microscopy. Water dispersed gold nanoparticles were analyzed by scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) to determine their size, shape and distribution. AuS0302 (A), AuS0302-RIT (B), AuS0302-RIS02 (C) and AuS0302-RIS04 (D) appeared monodispersed in solution or formed small aggregates, and their diameter ranged between 5 nm (A) and 25 nm (D). With the exception of the sample AuS0302-RIS04, all particles synthesized displayed a spherical shape.

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