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Table 1 List of GO terms selected for gene annotation

From: Maternal exposure to nanoparticulate titanium dioxide during the prenatal period alters gene expression related to brain development in the mouse

Category   GO term
biological process developmental process brain development
      forebrain development
      midbrain development
      hindbrain development
   generation of neurons
   glial cell differentiation
  biological regulation cell death
   neuron apoptosis
   activated T cell apoptosis
   B cell apoptosis
   negative regulation of neuron apoptosis
   apoptotic mitochondrial changes
      induction of programmed cell death
   induction of apoptosis
   glucocorticoid biosynthesis
   glucocorticoid metabolism
   neurotransmitter metabolism
   neurotransmitter transport
  multicellular organismal process cognition
   learning and, or memory
  regulation of biological process regulation of glial cell differentiation
   regulation of nerve growth factor receptor activity
   regulation of glucocorticoid biosynthesis process
  cellular process mitochondrial fission
   mitochondrial fusion
  response to stimulus response to oxidative stress
      response to reactive oxygen species
   response to superoxide
   superoxide metabolism
   glutathione biosynthesis
   glutathione metabolism
molecular function   motor activity
   superoxide dismutase activity
   glucocorticoids receptor activity
   brain derived neurotrophic factor binding