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Table 2 List of MeSH terms selected for gene annotation

From: Maternal exposure to nanoparticulate titanium dioxide during the prenatal period alters gene expression related to brain development in the mouse

Category MeSH term  
Anatomy Blood Brain Barrier Neurons
  Microglia Olfactory Receptor Neurons
  Mitochondria Synapses
Diseases Alzheimer Disease Inflammation
  Anxiety Disorders Learning Disorders
  Attention Deficit Disorder Memory Disorders
  with Hyperactivity Mitochondrial Disease
  Autistic Disorder Neurogenic Inflammation
  Cognition Disorders Parkinson Disease
  Epilepsy Schizophrenia
Psychiatry and Psychology Affective Symptoms Memory
  Anxiety Memory, Short-Term
  Cognition Motivation
  Depression Stress, Psychological
Chemicals and Drugs Apoptosis Inducing Factor Anti-Anxiety Agents
  Apoptosis Regulatory Proteins Glutathione
  Caspases Glutathione Peroxidase
  Brain Derived Neurotrophic Glutathione Synthase
  Factor Inflammation Mediators
  Glial Cell Line-Derived Neuronal Apoptosis-
  Neurotrophic Factor Inhibitory Protein
  Nerve Growth Factor Nitric Oxide
  Hormones Reactive Oxygen Species
  Glucocorticoids Superoxides
  Growth Hormone Superoxide Dismutase
  Thyroid Hormones  
Neurotransmitters Acetylcholine Norepinephrine
  Dopamine Serotonin
  Epinephrine Receptors,
  gamma-Aminobutyric Acid Neurotransmitter
  Glutamic Acid Neuropeptides
   Neurotransmitter Uptake
Biological Science Apoptosis Motor Activity
  Cell Death Neural Plasticity
  Gene, Mitochondrial Oxidative Stress
  Lipid Peroxides