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Figure 4

From: Effect of prolonged exposure to diesel engine exhaust on proinflammatory markers in different regions of the rat brain

Figure 4

AP1 activation. A. A typical gel showing the AP-1 specific shifted band for three separate control samples (designated as 1, 2, or 3). B = Blank; SC = Specific competitor; NSC = Non-specific competitor; Cx = cortex; OB = olfactory bulbs and tubercles; Cb = cerebellum; St = striatum; Hc = hippocampus. All brain regions were analyzed on the same gel and under the same conditions to allow direct comparison between regions. B. The sum intensity of the shifted band. OB+T = olfactory bulbs and the tubercles; Cb = cerebellum; Hippo = hippocampus. C. The sum intensity of AP-1 specific shifted band in different regions of the rat brain after exposure to purified air (Control) or DEE (Diesel). Each brain region was analyzed on different days on separate gels and therefore this figure does not allow direct comparison between various brain regions. Bars represent mean of 5 individual animals ± SE.

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