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Table 1 Effect of different agent(s)/condition(s) on BBB

From: Multifunctional Nanocarriers for diagnostics, drug delivery and targeted treatment across blood-brain barrier: perspectives on tracking and neuroimaging

Agent/condition Effect on BBB Reference
Bradykinin, RMP-7 Transient increase of permeability, activates B2 receptors [116]
VEGF, HIF-1, Deferoxamine, Increase of permeability and leakage [117, 118]
TNF-alpha, IL-1beta Moderate increase of permeability [119]
Tat, Nef, gp120 + IFN-gamma HIV-1-associated dysfunction [2830, 120, 121]
Low magnetic field (0.15 T) Moderated increase of permeability [122, 123]
Metalloproteinases Increase of permeability [124]
LTC4 Leukotriene-induced permeability [125, 126]
Lipopolysaccharide Enhance the passage of regulatory proteins [127, 128]
P85 Increase permeability by inhibiting the drug efflux transporter Pgp [129]
endothelin-1 Dramatic increase of permeability after intracisternal administration [130]
tPA Increase permeability via Akt phosphorylation [131]
PTX Increased permeability by altering endothelial plasticity and angiogenesis [132]