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Figure 6

From: Pulmonary exposure to carbon black nanoparticles and vascular effects

Figure 6

Expression of VCAM-1 and ICAM-1 on the endothelium and the presence of 3-nitrotyrosine (3NT) in the vascular tissue of brachiocephalic arteries (BCA) from 48-49 weeks old apoE-/- mice exposed to carbon black by i.t. instillation. The antibodies used were HRP-streptavidin conjugated and visualized with DAB. On the left, the data are depicted as geometric means of ranked values representing the amount of staining assessed in 4 sections of aorta from each animal. The medians are represented by horizontal lines (n = 9-11); each symbol represent the result from one animal. On the right, images are shown of BCA sections representative of the medians in the control group (left) and the exposed group (right). Binding of antibodies can be seen as brown staining of the tissue.

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