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Figure 5

From: Environmentally persistent free radicals induce airway hyperresponsiveness in neonatal rat lungs

Figure 5

Light micrographs of exposed rat lungs. Light micrographs of terminal bronchioles (A, C) and alveolar parenchyma (B, D, E) from 15 d old rat lungs following exposure to DCB50, which was visually identical to air (A, B), and DCB230 (C-E). Black arrows denote significant peribronchiolar BALT; line denotes smooth muscle mass surrounding bronchiole (quantified in Figure 6); white arrow denotes lesions of increased alveolar space (quantified in inset of E); and white arrowhead demonstrates alveolar occlusion. Bar represents 50 μm (A, C) and 20 μm (B, D, E).

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