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Figure 1 | Particle and Fibre Toxicology

Figure 1

From: Intestinal toxicity evaluation of TiO2 degraded surface-treated nanoparticles: a combined physico-chemical and toxicogenomics approach in caco-2 cells

Figure 1

Shape, size and crystal structure of the T-Lite SF®, T-Lite DA and T-Lite DL. These high resolution pictures were obtained using the Transmission Electron microscope JEOL 2010 operating at 200 kV. The inter-reticular distances d measured at 3.1 Å for both samples are attributed to the crystalline plane (110) of rutile. The XRD diffractogram was obtained on powder samples analyzed using a PANalytical X’Pert PRO diffractometer with a Co Kα radiation (1.79 Å).

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