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Table 1 Summary of physicochemical properties of AO nanowhiskers and generated aerosol

From: Murine pulmonary responses after sub-chronic exposure to aluminum oxide-based nanowhiskers

  AO nanowhiskers
Structure Crystalline
Phases Al(OH)3 and γ-AlOOH
Primary diameter1 3 ± 0.6 nm
Length1 ~ 50 – 300 nm
Surface functionalization O, O-H and H2O
BET surface area 320 ± 4 m2/g
Aerosol size distribution in whole-body exposure chamber2 GM = 150 nm GSD = 1.6 
Exposure concentration 3.3 ± 0.6 mg/m3
  1. 1 Primary diameter and length as measured by TEM in our laboratory. The length of the nanowhiskers could not be measured precisely since they appeared as tangled bundles. The length reported by manufacturer was 2800 nm.
  2. 2 Geometric mean mobility diameter (GM) and geometric standard distribution(GSD).