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Table 1 Chemical characteristics of WSPs (PM 0.1–2.5 -fraction) and reference particles (traffic and wood) used for in vitro experiments

From: Wood smoke particles from different combustion phases induce similar pro-inflammatory effects in a co-culture of monocyte and pneumocyte cell lines

    Wood(medium-temp) PM 0.1–2.5
  Traffic Wood(high-temp) Mixed smoke Start-up Burn-out
Sum of 18 PAHs (ng/mg) 48 10008 2010 2353 914
Sum of elements (ng/mg) 17423 a) 32327 b) 10 4 11
  1. a) ICP-MS (Cassee et al., 2003).
  2. b) ICP-MS (Cassee et al., unpublished data).