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Figure 5 | Particle and Fibre Toxicology

Figure 5

From: Comparative iron oxide nanoparticle cellular dosimetry and response in mice by the inhalation and liquid cell culture exposure routes

Figure 5

Transcriptomic analysis of gene regulation by nanoparticles. A) Hierarchical clustering of significantly effected (compared to time matched controls) transcripts shows a higher preponderance of down regulation (green) by SPIO nanoparticle exposures. Up-regulation (red) was more prominent during earlier time points where the most highly induced mRNAs encoded inflammatory cytokines. B) Highest ranking biological processes associated with transcripts up-regulated by in vivo exposure to SPIO nanoparticles. Cellular processes associated with inflammation and clearance of foreign bodies (cytokine production, cell migration, chemotaxis) were significantly upregulated.

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