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Figure 3

From: RETRACTED ARTICLE: Mechanisms of nanosized titanium dioxide-induced testicular oxidative stress and apoptosis in male mice

Figure 3

Histopathological observations of mouse testis following intragastric administration of TiO 2 NPs for 90 consecutive days. The blue circle indicates few sperm, breakages or vacuolation, the yellow circle indicates apoptosis and/or necrosis of Sertoli cells, and the blue arrow indicates damaged seminiferous tubule. The red arrows indicate vacuolation, the yellow arrows indicate irregular arrangement of Sertoli cells, and the red circle indicates black agglomerates in the testis. The green arrow spot denotes a representative cell loaded with TiO2 NPs. The right panel shows the corresponding Raman spectra identifying specific peaks at about 148 cm−1.

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