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Fig. 5

From: Differential bioreactivity of neutral, cationic and anionic polystyrene nanoparticles with cells from the human alveolar compartment: robust response of alveolar type 1 epithelial cells

Fig. 5

Effect of polystyrene nanoparticles on cytochrome C (Cyt C) release and the mitochondrial network (Mito) in TT1, AT2 and MAC. Exposure to 50 μg/ml 50 nm UNP and CNP had no effect on the release of Cyt C or the mitochondrial network. ANP caused disruption of the mitochondrial network (arrows indicate breakdown of Mitochondria in green) and initiated the release of Cyt C (arrows indicate the red area of Cyt C release) in all cell types). Cell nuclei, mitochondrial networks and cytochrome C are stained blue, green and red, respectively; n = 45 cells analysed/sample

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