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Fig. 2

From: Impact of nanosilver on various DNA lesions and HPRT gene mutations – effects of charge and surface coating

Fig. 2

Cellular localisation of different Ag ENMs in TK6 cells after 24 h exposure. a Ag_Byk in cytoplasm; (b) Ag_Byk in nucleus; (c) Ag_Citrate in cytoplasm; (d) Ag_Citrate in cytoplasm; (e) Ag_SDS in cytoplasm; (f) Ag_Chitosan in vacuoles; (g) Ag_Chitosan in nucleus; (h) Ag_Chitosan in mitochondrion; (i) Ag_Disperbyk in cytoplasm; (j) Ag_Disperbyk in membrane structure; (k) Ag_Tween in cytoplasm

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