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Fig. 4

From: Advanced computational modeling for in vitro nanomaterial dosimetry

Fig. 4

Effect of binding on DG-predicted dose metrics. Effect of particle/agglomerate binding to cells (well bottom) on DG model dose metrics for SiO2 (a, b), Fe2O3 (c, d), and TiO2 (e, f). For all simulations C 0 = 0.1 mg ml−1, column height = 3 mm, and d H = volume-averaged mean (Table 1). Langmuir isotherm adsorption was used to model binding of agglomerates to the well bottom at various values of the dissociation constant K D. a, c, e Exposure mass ENM concentration, C bottom (mg cm−3 in bottom 10 μm, including ENM within both bound and free agglomerates). b, d, f Mass of ENM bound per well bottom area (mg cm−2)

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