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Table 2 Relationship of stereological test probes and 3D structural quantification of lung pathologies in 2D microscopic images

From: Assessing particle and fiber toxicology in the respiratory system: the stereology toolbox

Parameter in 3D Parameter 2D in section Test probe Counting event Density Final measurements
Volume Area Test point Point (P) in test volume VV = ∑P / total number of test points Vtot = VV x V(ref)
Surface area Boundary line Test line Line intersection (I) with surface area SV = 2x∑I / total length of test lines Stot = SV x V(ref)
Length Transect Test plane Transect (Q) with test plane LV = 2x∑Q / total area of test planes Ltot = LV x V(ref)
Number - Disector Particle event (Q) in test volume NV = ∑Q / total disector volume Ntot = NV x V(ref)