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Fig. 8

From: Morphometric analysis of inflammation in bronchial biopsies following exposure to inhaled diesel exhaust and allergen challenge in atopic subjects

Fig. 8

Demonstration of image analysis using Aperio® ImageScope™ software. A positive pixel count algorithm was used to quantify positive staining in the submucosa (blue region) of bronchial biopsies for tryptase, ECP, NE, CD138, CD4, and IL-4. The airway epithelium was not examined and positive staining in the epithelium was excluded from analysis. a Representative image of tryptase positive staining from a subject exposed to FAA, Black arrows denote positive staining in submucosa area that are selected by the positive pixel count. b Image from a with submucosa region selected by manual trace followed by positive pixel count recognition of tryptase stain (red colour) within submucosa region (blue colour)

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