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Fig. 7

From: Atomic layer deposition coating of carbon nanotubes with zinc oxide causes acute phase immune responses in human monocytes in vitro and in mice after pulmonary exposure

Fig. 7

Bromodeoxyuridine (BrdU) labeled lung sections highlight airway epithelial cells undergoing DNA synthesis in treated and untreated mice. U-MWCNTs show a significant increase in the number of positively labeled cells as compared to both control and Z-MWCNT treated mice (inset panel shows BrdU positive cells indicated by arrows). The lower right hand panel shows quantitative data expressed as % positive BrdU airway epithelial cells relative to the total number of airway epithelial cells in cross-sectional profiles of small to medium-sized airways in lung sections. The number of animals per group at day one was: Control (3), U-MWCNT (4), Z-MWCNT (4). Significance is represented as *** (P < 0.001) U-MWCNTs compared to Control or Z-MWCNTs at day 1 post-exposure

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