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Fig. 6

From: No involvement of alveolar macrophages in the initiation of carbon nanoparticle induced acute lung inflammation in mice

Fig. 6

Alveolar epithelial cells are the main producers of neutrophil attracting chemokines: CD45- (alveolar epithelial cells), CD45+ leukocytes and total BAL cells were isolated from mice 12 h after the treatment with water (sham) or CNP. Gene expression analysis is shown for the chemokines Cxcl1, Cxcl2 and Cxcl5 (a), and the macrophage activation marker Nos2, Tnf and IL1b (b). Expression levels are given relative to Actb + Hprt. Results show means and SEM out of three replicas and the expression pattern is representative for four independent experiments

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