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Fig. 3 | Particle and Fibre Toxicology

Fig. 3

From: Evaluation of pulmonary and systemic toxicity following lung exposure to graphite nanoplates: a member of the graphene-based nanomaterial family

Fig. 3

Particle Agglomeration. Light micrographs of the high dose aspiration preparations (0.8 mg/ml DM) of Gr20 (a), Gr5 (b), Gr1 (c), and CB (d). Table Insets: Corresponding agglomerate/particle diameter size distributions made from point count measurements on the light microscope (n= 214-491 measures). The average cross sectional measures of the agglomerates/particles were 12.01, 5.56, 1.96, and 1.63 μm for Gr20, Gr5, Gr1, and CB, respectively. Agglomerate size ranged up to 300 μm and 60 μm for the Gr20 and Gr5 samples, respectively. Additionally, dynamic light scattering (DLS) was used to measure agglomerate size distribution for Gr1 and CB, resulting in a range of 0.222-2.035 μm for Gr1 and 0.146-2.172 μm for CB. Gr20 and Gr5 did not remain in suspension long enough to accurately size agglomerates using DLS

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