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Fig. 4

From: Maternal exposure to diluted diesel engine exhaust alters placental function and induces intergenerational effects in rabbits

Fig. 4

Localization of nanoparticles in the placenta at 28 dpc. Ultrathin sections were performed on labyrinthine area in placentas from control (a, e, i, m) and exposed (b-d, f-h, j-l, n-p) dams and analyzed by TEM. Arrows indicate nanoparticles and arrowheads “finger-print” like particles. Several observations were made with various magnifications allowing the observations of different cellular compartments. Scale bars: a: 2 μm; b: 800 nm; c: 2 μm; d: 100 nm; e: 1.6 μm; f: 700 nm; g: 1.25 μm; h: 1 μm; i: 1.6 μm; j: 1 μm; k: 1 μm; l: 700 nm; m: 2.5 μm; n: 1 μm; o: 400 nm; p: 20 nm. Abbreviations: E: Erythrocyte; EC: Endothelial Cell; FV: Fetal Vessel; G: Golgi apparatus; Ly: Lysosome; m: mitochondria; MBS: Maternal Blood Space; mvb: multivesicular body; N: Nucleus; rer: rough endoplasmic reticulum; T: Trophoblast

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