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Table 2 Pearson correlations for the combined in vitro potency estimates of cell lines exposed to particles

From: Development of an integrated approach for comparison of in vitro and in vivo responses to particulate matter

J774A.1 vs. A549 cells Cytotoxicity Cytokine induction
βV βR βI-V βI-V LO βI-V HI
R 0.741 0.729 0.020 −0.089 −0.108
p (2-tailed) 0.035 0.040 0.963 0.835 0.800
  1. Consensus cytotoxic potency βV is calculated from in vitro assays conducted in individual cell lines
  2. Biological reactivity of the particles βR represent absolute values of cytotoxic potency
  3. Consensus inflammatory potency βI-V represents the average unbiased particle potency response for inducing a cytokine response, where LO and HI are the lower and upper estimates of the index based on the pro- and anti-inflammatory effects of some cytokines
  4. Numbers in bold represent statistically significant correlations (p ≤ 0.05)