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Table 5 Pearson correlations for the combined in vitro and in vivo potency estimates versus endotoxin content of particles

From: Development of an integrated approach for comparison of in vitro and in vivo responses to particulate matter

Cytokine induction vs endotoxin βI-VJ774A.1 βI-V A549 βI BALB/c
R 0.729 −0.557 0.020
p (2-tailed) 0.040 0.152 0.963
  1. Consensus inflammatory potency βI-V represents the average unbiased particle potency response for inducing a cytokine response inflammatory potency estimate βI-BALB/c is the average of all in vivo cytokines assessed in BAL fluid
  2. Numbers in bold represent statistically significant correlations (p ≤ 0.05)