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Fig. 11

From: Surface area-dependence of gas-particle interactions influences pulmonary and neuroinflammatory outcomes

Fig. 11

Cytokine expression profile in the ApoE−/− hippocampus after chronic (30-day) exposure to atmospheres. After 30 days of exposure to atmospheres, cytokine mRNA expression was assessed in the hippocampus of the ApoE−/− mouse brain for the following: (a) Ccl5, (b) Cxcl1, (c) IL-6, and (d) Tgf-β. UFP exposure increased (b) Cxcl1, (c) IL-6, and (d) Tgf-β mRNA expression after thirty days, while UFP + G expression increased expression of all cytokines assessed after chronic exposure (a) Ccl5, (b) Cxcl1, (c) IL-6, and (d) Tgf-β. n = 7–8 per group, *p < .05; **p < .01; ***p < .001; ****p < .0001

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