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Table 2 One-way ANOVA statistical analysis of BALF cells, total protein, and LDH

From: Surface area-dependence of gas-particle interactions influences pulmonary and neuroinflammatory outcomes

Strain Exposure Quantification F-value P-value
C57BL/6 Acute BALF Cells F(4,32) = 1.437 ns
C57BL/6 Acute Total Protein F(4,33) = 0.7008 ns
C57BL/6 Acute LDH F(4,33) = 0.8263 ns
ApoE−/− Acute BALF Cells F(4,31) = 0.6264 ns
ApoE−/− Acute Total Protein F(4,31) = 2.146 ns (.09)
ApoE−/− Acute LDH F(4,31) = 0.9956 ns
C57BL/6 Chronic BALF Cells F(4,23) = 1.855 ns
C57BL/6 Chronic Total Protein F(4,34) = 0.3106 ns
C57BL/6 Chronic LDH F(4,34) = 0.8727 ns
ApoE−/− Chronic BALF Cells F(4,22) = 2.058 ns
ApoE−/− Chronic Total Protein F(4,32) = 1.057 ns
ApoE−/− Chronic LDH F(4,33) = 2.374 ns (.07)