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Fig. 1

From: Early kidney damage induced by subchronic exposure to PM2.5 in rats

Fig. 1

Particulate exposure description. Animal exposure was performed in the raining season in Mexico City. Ambient parameters such as relativity humidity and temperature was monitored by a weather station, it was not observed raining during the schedule exposure. We report the median and the range for each week (a). During eight weeks animals exposure (input concentrator) and ambient air were monitored simultaneous, each week was defined as 4 days/week, 5 h/ day. The particulate concentrator enrichment have a minimum enrichment of 9.5 and a maximum of 20.7 times (b). Particulate scraped dust from each week was used to determinate the endotoxin content and the oxidative capability of particles by DTT oxidation assay, our data showed that Endotoxin and DTT have the same pattern and the weeks 2, 3 and 8 have the highest values during the exposure (c). Each graph point represent the triplicate average ± standar desviation

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