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Fig. 2

From: Early kidney damage induced by subchronic exposure to PM2.5 in rats

Fig. 2

PM2.5 exposure induces inflammatory response and a reduction in SPA levels in rat lungs. Rats were acutely (3 days, 5 h/day) and subchronically exposed to concentrated PM2.5 (8 weeks, 4 days/week, 5 h/day), and filtered air (FA) as a control group. Subcellular population counts of macrophagues (Mφ), monocytes and lymphocytes from PM2.5 bronchialveolar lavage showed an augment after the acute exposure (a); however, in subchronic exposure only Mφ count augment in the PM2.5 group was observed (b). Surfactant protein type-A (SPA) showed a marginal down regulation in the acute exposure to PM2.5 (c), on the other hand, SPA levels after subchronic exposure to PM2.5 decrease statistically (d). *in boxplot graphyc indicates statistical significant differences (p < 0.05)

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