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Fig. 7

From: Endothelial responses of the alveolar barrier in vitro in a dose-controlled exposure to diesel exhaust particulate matter

Fig. 7

Differential gene expression profile of CYP1A1 in endothelial cells at different incubation time after DEPM exposure of the tetraculture system. The endothelial cells of the tetraculture showed a significant increase for CYP1A1 mRNA 6 h after the indirect exposure to 80 ng/cm2 of DEPM (a). No significant change was observed for cells exposed to 240 ng/cm2 of DEPM (b). Results were normalized to untreated control cells (dotted line). Data represents the mean of four independent experiments ± SEM. Asterisks indicate significant differences compared to untreated control cells (P < 0.05)

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