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Table 3 Results from the PCA, the bivariate regression analysis, and some descriptive statistics (adults)

From: Deposition efficiency of inhaled particles (15-5000 nm) related to breathing pattern and lung function: an experimental study in healthy children and adults

  1. Columns 1–4 show the results of the PCA (varimax-rotated component matrix) with PC loadings/coefficients. Color indicates the component to which each variable was mostly associated. The orange coloring of R5 indicates that this variable is equally associated to components 2 (red) and 3 (yellow). The loadings/coefficients are a measure of the correlation between the variable and the component. These columns are followed by descriptive statistics and Pearson’s coefficients from the bivariate statistical analysis of correlations between the independent variables and deposition fraction (DF). 0.05 and 0.01 significance levels are indicated by a grey background and by * and **, respectively