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Fig. 7 | Particle and Fibre Toxicology

Fig. 7

From: In vitro toxicoproteomic analysis of A549 human lung epithelial cells exposed to urban air particulate matter and its water-soluble and insoluble fractions

Fig. 7

Comparing the secretion of cytokines such as IL-8 (a), MCP-1 (b) and VEGF (c) by A549 cells after 24 h exposure to EHC-93 total and its insoluble and soluble components. Data are expressed as normalized fold-change (FC) ± standard error, relative to the control (0 μg/cm2), n = 4. Two-way ANOVA was used to determine significant effects of the particles, where Holm-Sidak was the post-hoc method used for all pairwise comparison procedures. * indicates significant difference compared to control. T indicates significant compared to EHC-93 total. I indicates significant difference compared to the insoluble fraction. S indicates significant difference compared to the soluble fraction. The bar on top of a treatment group indicates significant Treatment main effect

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