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Fig. 5

From: Radical containing combustion derived particulate matter enhance pulmonary Th17 inflammation via the aryl hydrocarbon receptor

Fig. 5

MCP230-induced expression of Cyp1a1 and Cyp1b1 is dependent on AHR activation. A549 cells were treated with MCP230 (50 μg/cm2) or AHR agonist (FICZ; 200 nM) in the presence or absence of AHR antagonist (CH223191; 10 μM) for 4 h. Cell pellets were collected and expression of Cyp1a1 (a) and Cyp1b1 (b) relative to Hprt was determined using RT-qPCR analysis. Data represent mean ± SEM from one of two independent experiments, performed in triplicate. ap < 0.05, compared to Media group. bp < 0.05, compared to MCP230 group. cp < 0.05, compared to FICZ group, one-way ANOVA with Tukey’s multiple comparisons test

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