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Fig. 1

From: Multi-cellular human bronchial models exposed to diesel exhaust particles: assessment of inflammation, oxidative stress and macrophage polarization

Fig. 1

Characterization and uptake of diesel exhaust particles (DEP) (A-C). A: Mass distribution of DEP in different size ranges measured by the 9-stage Marple Cascade Impactor; MMAD (P50): Mass Median Aerodynamic Diameter; The MMAD (P50) of DEP was estimated to be 0.57 μm. 1B: SEM image of DEP with different magnifications; B (a): 500X, bar: 30 μm; B (b): 2000X, bar: 10 μm; B (c): 5000X, bar: 3 μm; B (d): 15000X, bar: 1 μm. C: Quantitative phase image of the apical side of PBEC-ALI/MQ, which reflects the distribution of mass across the field; Bar: 20 μm

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