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Fig. 4

From: Multi-cellular human bronchial models exposed to diesel exhaust particles: assessment of inflammation, oxidative stress and macrophage polarization

Fig. 4

Release and mRNA expression of extra-cellular markers in models after exposure to diesel exhaust particles (DEP). Levels of MMP-9 (a) and TIMP-1 (b) secretion in basal medium in PBEC-ALI and PBEC-AL/MQ (N = 9) after exposure to DEP and incubated for 24 h; Fold change of MMP-9 (c) and TIMP-1 (d) expression in PBEC-ALI and PBEC-ALI/MQ (N = 6) after exposure to DEP and incubated for 24 h; Exposure: sham: clean air; DEP: 12.7 μg/cm2; Data presented as median and 25th -75thpercentiles,fold change =2-ΔCt of models / 2-ΔCt of sham exposed PBEC-ALI; *,**: P < 0.05, 0.01 VS Sham exposure; ##: P < 0.01 VS PBEC-ALI

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