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Fig. 7

From: Multi-cellular human bronchial models exposed to diesel exhaust particles: assessment of inflammation, oxidative stress and macrophage polarization

Fig. 7

mRNA expression of M2 macrophage markers after exposure to diesel exhaust particles (DEP). Fold change of IL10 (a), IL4 (b), IL13 (c), MRC1 (d), MRC2 (e) and RETLNA (f) expression in PBEC-ALI and PBEC-AL/MQ (N = 6) after exposure to DEP and incubated for 24 h; Exposure: sham: clean air; DEP: 12.7 μg/cm2; Data presented as median and 25th -75th percentiles, fold change =2-ΔCt of models / 2-ΔCt of sham exposed PBEC-ALI; *: P < 0.05 VS Sham exposure; #: P < 0.05 VS PBEC-ALI; ¤: P < 0.05 VS Sham exposed PBEC-ALI

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