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Fig. 4

From: Cerium dioxide nanoparticles exacerbate house dust mite induced type II airway inflammation

Fig. 4

Inflammatory marker expression within the lung after repeat CeO2NPs and HDM exposure. Mice (n = 6–7 per treatment group) were exposed to CeO2NPs at either low dose (CeLD) (75 μg/kg) or high dose (CeHD) (750 μg/kg) with and without HDM (1.25 mg/kg), according to instillation protocols described in Fig. 1. After treatment, total lung mRNA was isolated and examined for transcript levels of the indicated inflammatory markers by RT-PCR analysis (a). BAL fluid was also examined for protein levels of inflammatory cytokines by ELISA (b). Results were expressed as mean ± SEM fold over control (F.O.C.) levels. Statistical significance between treatments was assessed using one way ANOVA. Comparisons between particle and HDM treatments alone and control levels are represented as (* p < 0.05), while comparisons between particle + HDM combinations and HDM levels are represented as (# p < 0.05)

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